How To Make Killer Kombucha

Posted on 27th July, 2016

After seeing a cucumber cut into the shape of an Orca on Pinterest, I knew it was time to practice my carving skills. Fortunately, I also happened to have half of the cucumber in my fridge. This was relatively easy to make. I'd suggest starting with a full cucumber and cutting 1/4 off and then slicing the remaining 3/4 into a diagonal for the body. From there use the skin on the cut off piece of cucumber to carve the fins. Lastly, carve out the eye and chest area of the killer whale. To make "killer kombucha," grab a martini glass and put your whale into the glass then add kombucha. I had Health-Ade pomegranate on tap at home so that was what the whale got to swim in. After drinking it, I refilled it with more KEGJOY™ and put it into the fridge. Every time I open the fridge and see an Orca swimming in kombucha it makes me smile.