How We Choose the Brands We Distribute

Posted on 28th September, 2020

We see the brands we work with as more than just products or transactions, it's a partnership of teamwork and in many cases new friendships. For example, we've been distributors of kegs of GT's Kombucha since 2014 and Health-Ade since 2015. We feel like they are part of our family and are looking forward to a long partnership with the newer brands that we've partnered with.

When it comes to selecting the brands we distribute, we have high standards and criteria:

  • Heavenly tasting kombucha
  • Healthy coffee alternatives
  • Amazing sauce

Every step in the process of signing a new partnership is made with you, our customers, in mind.

This is where this blog comes in. We want to let you know which are our favorite kombucha brands and how we decided to partner up with them. The below-mentioned brands are in alignment with our beliefs at KEGJOY™ that it takes good people to make amazing kombucha.

Kombucha Brands We Love

You may notice we distribute all drinks and then randomly, Bitchin' Sauce. We have worked with Bitchin' Sauce since 2015 because we are obsessed with it and they are good people! It's a local company and when we approached them the timing was perfect because they were looking for someone to distribute to independent grocery stores and other places.

We definitely eat into some of our profits as we eat it daily around KEGJOY™. It's so addictive and delicious!

Knowing our criteria, here is a list of who we're incredibly proud to be their distributors of kegs, bottles, cans, and sauce!

Choosing a Business Partner - The Process

  • First, we taste everything. It has to taste good! We're buying in bulk so we need to believe in the product!
  • Second, we make sure the brand is as dedicated to their growth as we at KEGJOY™ are to growing their brand. We've definitely had experiences in the past where a brand just wants us to sell them but doesn't put in the effort on their end. Those partnerships don't last long.

Southern California is an extremely competitive landscape for cold brew coffee and kombucha.
If a brand isn't working hard with sales reps in the field and putting money towards marketing, growth is going to be very minimal and eventually, their need for a distributor will fizzle out.

  • Third, we work with brands we like as people. They can have the best tasting product, an amazing sales team, but if the people behind the brand are not people who represent our mission and values, it won't work. We align with good people, ones we want to see succeed, and those who want to see us succeed.