Having a Mid-Size or Small Party? Kombucha Is The Healthiest Drink Choice

Posted on 10th November, 2020

There are a few things all great, memorable party events have in common and those are fun people, perfect setting, and drum rolls....amazing party drinks! Kombucha is known as a healthy probiotic drink, but there are many uses for it outside of a refreshing beverage on a sunny day. Many people have started using it as a party drink in a variety of ways.

All you need to get a kombucha party started is a kegerator and a pump and just like that, you can start serving cold kombucha drinks straight from the keg at your party. Flavors are more than plenty. The kegerators can be quite expensive appliances, but KEGJOY™ offers rental services in the San Diego area, so your party can get started at any time without having to spend thousands of dollars on a kegerator.

From margaritas to kamikaze and whisky sours, you can mix pretty much any hard alcohol with the 'booch. And if you don't feel like boozing you can always go for virgin cocktails like Mimosa Mocktails, Kombucha Mules and so many more.

How to Party with Kombucha

Who says healthy drinks are not fun at parties? We have compiled a list of a few ways in which you can lift up the spirits at any event with refreshing kombucha. By itself as a mixer for harder alcoholic beverages, kombucha is an excellent option when it comes to party drinks. You can mix and match in so many exciting ways. We can guarantee your guests will appreciate the healthy beverage options you offer at your party.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to serve kombucha at a party:

  • Straight from the keg. The low amounts of alcohol make kombucha a good alternative to traditional beer keg parties.
  • As a complimentary drink to something else, in a similar way people drink water with wine or whiskey, kombucha is a good alternative for its almost nonexistent alcohol contents which people have started drinking paired with gin or ginger ale. There are many flavors that go well with different types of alcohol, but just as an example, the Health-Ade Kombucha products are excellent complimentary drinks.
  • Using it in cocktails for which there are many great recipes, some of which we've also published ourselves here. There are many recipes for drinks based on kombucha which you may want to try, combining it with harder alcohols like vodka, rum, or gin. The tropical Kombucha flavors can be a great add-on for your cocktails.
  • As an alcoholic drink by itself: normally kombucha has a content of alcohol lower than 0,5% which makes it hard to get a buzz from it alone, but a longer fermented version of kombucha called kombrewcha also started making its way to markets, hitting alcohol contents of up to 7%, making it an ideal replacement to drinks such as beer or wine.

Your Kombucha Party Distributors in the San Diego Area

As you can see there are many different ways to enjoy kombucha at a party, and KEGJOY™ is your gateway to all of them.

We work with only the best brands of kombucha and we make sure their visions and sustainability goals are always aligned with ours. As a one-stop-shop for all things kombucha, we also provide you with ideas for mixing and enjoying this awesome drink in a variety of ways. We also lease and sell kegerators. Our store is located on La Miranda Drive, Vista, California and our doors are always open. We invite you to come in and buy a keg for your party or maybe for a relaxing afternoon with the family. For all your kombucha tasting desires you can always give us a call or reach out through our contact page. We would love to hear from you.