Red Hat Coffee

Posted on 13th April, 2018

Ryan with Red Hat Coffee is one of the biggest go-getters we have ever met. He continually pours his heart and soul into everything he does and he is amazing at networking and making deals. Red Hat Coffee's cold brew is smooth and delicious. Here is more about the founder Ryan King.

How long have you been commercially brewing coffee?

2 years

If you had to pick a favorite flavor that you offer, what would it be?

Nothing beats a glass of nitro

If you had to pick a favorite flavor of another brand, what would it be?

I am obsessed with Bambucha Thai Ginger

If you had an extra hour in the day to spend any way you wanted, how would you spend it?

My wife and I both have crazy schedules that overlap most days. I would love an extra hour a day with her.

Where is the last place you went on vacation?


What is your favorite meal?

I'm a sucker for a good burger

Do you have any pets?

1 dog 2 cats

What is your favorite part of running a business?

Building something that other people want to be a part of.

What is your least favorite part?

Distribution that's why we work with the best in the business!

What is something about you that others might find surprising?

I still have a full-time job

What charity or cause are you passionate about supporting and why?

I love personal development. Watching people access their full potential is something that never gets old.

Before you started Red Hat, what were you doing?

Before and now I am in the Navy

Have you ever binge-watched a tv-series and if so which one?

I just binged watched The Sopranos recently.

The last movie you saw in the theaters?

Game Night

The last concert you went to?


Anything else you want people who are reading to know about you?

I love pushing the boundaries in everything I do. Sometimes just going for it is the biggest hurdle.