Ultimate Holiday Gift for Kombucha Enthusiasts

Posted on 16th December, 2020

One of the most exciting steps for Kombucha lovers is moving away from bottles to kegs. Storing and serving KEGJOY™ will be a better option for kombucha enthusiasts as an alternative to bottled kombucha as they would enjoy:

  • a fresher taste
  • save more time
  • and worry less about sanitation

KEGJOY™ is an amazing and efficient cocktail mixer with a pull of a tap of your favorite kombucha flavor, add your spirits, and a garnish to enjoy your favorite cocktail in a matter of seconds. We deliver kegs to homes within Southern California, and we also set up and install the kegerator equipment!

Healthy Body - Healthy Environment

You can enjoy this bubbly and delicious beverage in an eco-friendly way! KEGJOY™ offers unique benefits, including diminished waste for glass bottled and a fresher Kombucha at your home. Unlike many other popular drinks, the sugar and calorie content of Kombucha is quite low.

Due to the presence of the probiotic in kombucha, you could experience:

  • an improvement in your digestive health
  • strengthen your immune system
  • decrease inflammation
  • as well can help with weight loss efforts

You are Happier when You drink Kombucha. Besides many other potential health benefits, Kombucha contains B vitamins and vitamin C, all of which are known to help the body fighting depression and powerful antioxidants.

Enjoy Kombucha during Holiday Season

Make this year's holiday a memorable one with Kombucha! Why serving the expected? Serve Kombucha!

At every Holiday family gathering, food and beverages are the ultimate unifiers that bring people together for conversations, sharing memories, and enjoying time together.

Surprise your family and friends with fresh Kombucha Holiday flavors straight from the keg for unique seasonal drinks.