Kombucha and Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap for Small & Corporate Businesses

At KEGJOY™, we offer leases and sales of equipment - custom builts and standard builts - for small businesses and corporate businesses. People who just started their small businesses can choose the lease option due to the low-cost entry-level.

We provide maintenance and service including line and tap cleaning if you opt for a lease, on a monthly basis in exchange for a sum of money. Our team will promptly replace any defective components within 24 hours.

When you purchase equipment from KEGJOY™ for your firm, you can have a custom installation, maintenance, and repair of the equipment for no additional cost.

Having perks at your firm like kombucha, tea and cold brew coffee on tap in the break room or waiting room leads to happier employees and customers. Our clients have reported better productivity, increased employee, and customer satisfaction.

Flawless customer services

At KEGJOY™, we lease or sell kegerators for small businesses and corporate businesses. We can also help you select your favorite flavors providing a tasting at your firm, so you can try a rich selection of flavors and brands that we have available. You can decide how many taps do you want - one or more. You can also decide if you want all kombucha, all cold brew coffee or a combo of iced tea, kombucha, cold brew coffee, and sparkling water. Many corporate businesses we work with love having one or more of each option! Once you get started, deliveries are seamless, you can decide on trying new flavors anytime or stick with your favorites. We’ve supplied kombucha, cold brew, iced tea sparkling water on tap and equipment for business meetings, business conferences, team buildings, workshops, and more!

Get in contact with the KEGJOY™ team today, to get started.

We offer our services to small and corporate businesses, including:

  • gas stations
  • law firms
  • retail shops
  • art studios
  • language schools
  • dance studios
  • hair salons
  • barbershops
  • real estate agencies