On Tap at Home

KEGJOY's On Tap Beverage Station at home will change your life.


Having your favorite drink on demand just makes sense. Instead of opening bottles and needing to drink them within a certain time before they go flat, you always have the perfect amount of bubbles each pour whether you drink a couple of ounces or a full glass. You can also craft cocktails and mocktails at home with it.

Treat your house guests and neighbors with a glass and your get-togethers will be that much more fun with KEGJOY™ at them.

If you are a cold brew coffee fan, you can have that on tap at home too!

How do you get started? You’ll need a kegerator. We lease or sell them and have several options! We also provide CO2/nitro gas services.

How long will a keg last? It depends on the flavor/brand, but most last 4-6 months. You may find you’re getting a new keg every couple of months.

How many ounces are in the keg? There are 661 ounces in a keg or 52 12-ounce glasses.

Once you get started, deliveries are seamless or you can pick up from our warehouse in Vista. There are lots of flavors to try or you can consistently order your favorite flavor each time!