Bona Fide Craft Draft Tea On Tap

Bona Fide Craft Draft Tea On Tap
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All Bona Fide Coffee & Tea products are made of organic and natural ingredients: pure water, pure nitrogen gas, high-quality coffee and tea mixed with fruits, spices, and herbs, with no artificial preservatives or stabilizers. We enjoy a glass of nitro coffee or tea whenever we feel the need for an energy boost and we would like to share this experience with you. We sell or lease kegerators, so you can have your own selection of coffee and tea flavors on tap in your home or at your workplace. Contact us to buy or lease a kegerator for your office, tea house, restaurant, or coffee shop to maximize your customers' satisfaction. We can help you select your favorite Bona Fide Coffee & Tea flavors from their wide selection, by offering a tasting at your home or office.

Our favorite Bona Fide nitro tea flavors:

  • Passionfruit Nitro Tea
  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Mango Nitro Tea
  • Black Tea

Our favorite Bona Fide nitro coffee flavors:

  • Hair Raiser – Dark roast
  • Ethiopia – Medium roast
  • Guatemala – Medium roast
  • Peru - Light roast
  • Nitro Espresso - Dark roast
  • Nitro Vanilla - Vanilla flavored without the syrup

About Bona Fide Coffee & Tea

The company launched in 2015 with a mission to brew and deliver first-class nitro coffee & tea in kegs using innovative and disruptive technology while contributing to the sustainability of our planet. They regard coffee and tea as a finite, precious commodity that brings people together.

Call & Order: 760.683.9208